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Innovation Points of Curaçao is a dynamic network comprising approximately 20 organizations dispersed across the island. Each organization within the network serves as an exhibit or hub showcasing various aspects of innovation, aiming to foster a culture of creativity and forward-thinking among the island's residents and visitors.



The primary mission of Innovation Points of Curaçao is to stimulate the island’s innovative spirit by modeling and demonstrating practical examples of innovation. By providing tangible, real-world exhibits of innovative practices and technologies, the network seeks to inspire individuals and businesses to adopt and implement innovative solutions in their own environments.



Coalition of Organizations: The network is a coalition of diverse organizations, each contributing unique insights and innovations to the collective effort. This collaborative approach ensures a wide range of perspectives and expertise, enhancing the overall impact of the network.

Innovation Village: One of the key initiatives is the creation of an "innovation village" – a dedicated space where visitors can engage with and experience cutting-edge innovations. This village acts as an interactive platform, offering hands-on experiences that showcase the potential of innovative solutions.

Exhibitions and Demonstrations: Each organization within the network conducts exhibitions and demonstrations, highlighting their specific areas of innovation. These could range from technological advancements and sustainable practices to social innovations and creative industries.

Inspiration and Education: By providing exposure to various innovative practices, the network aims to educate and inspire visitors. The goal is to encourage individuals to take the ideas and concepts they encounter and apply them in their own contexts, thereby spreading innovation throughout the island.



Innovation Points of Curaçao is designed to be a catalyst for change, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability. The network not only showcases what is possible but also provides a roadmap for how innovation can be achieved and sustained in diverse settings.

Innovation Points of Curaçao represents a forward-thinking initiative that leverages the collective strengths of multiple organizations to foster a vibrant, innovative community on the island. Through collaborative efforts, exhibitions, and interactive experiences, it aims to inspire both locals and visitors to embrace and implement innovative practices, contributing to the island’s sustainable development and economic growth.

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