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Monitor Future of Work Curacao

In 2023, the Conference Future of Work created the Future of Work Monitoring Committee (FoWMC) to implement the Future of Work (FoW) manifesto in Curaçao. The FoWMC includes representatives from civil society, businesses, educational institutions, organizations, and government entities.


Oversee the FoW manifesto implementation.
Facilitate stakeholder collaboration.
Review biannual progress reports.
Address implementation challenges.
Promote transparency and accountability.

Operations and Reporting

Appointed by the Social Economic Council, FoWMC members serve from 2023 to 2025. They meet regularly, make decisions by consensus, and submit an annual progress report to the Social Economic Council, ensuring public transparency.

By 2025, the FoWMC will report on Curaçao's progress in preparing for the future of work.

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In 2019, the Social Economic Council (SER) and other stakeholders hosted the conference "Future of Work" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organization (ILO). This event marked the beginning of a strategic process to prepare Curaçao for the future of work, shaped by the climate crisis, technological advancements, and the challenge of inequality.

A follow-up conference was held in 2023 to assess progress and outline further actions. The conclusion was clear: much more needs to be done to address the ongoing challenges. As a result, a manifesto emphasizing the commitment to continuous improvement was signed, and a monitoring committee was established to oversee the process.

The monitoring committee evaluates and reports on progress toward these goals. Its first report is scheduled for release in 2025, providing a comprehensive overview of Curaçao's advancements and areas needing further attention in the journey toward a sustainable and equitable future of work.

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Curaçao 2030: A Vision for a Human-Centric Society 5.0 through Active Citizenship

Curaçao 2030 is an ambitious vision to transform the island into a Society 5.0, where technology and innovation are seamlessly integrated into everyday life to create a human-centric society. This forward-thinking initiative places the well-being of its citizens at the heart of its agenda, leveraging advancements in technology to enhance quality of life, economic prosperity, and social cohesion.

Active Citizenship: The Driving Force

At the core of Curaçao 2030 is the concept of active citizenship. This involves empowering residents to take an active role in shaping their community and future. By fostering a culture of participation, collaboration, and responsibility, Curaçao aims to create an environment where every citizen feels valued and has a stake in the island's progress.

Key Pillars of Society 5.0 in Curaçao

Technological Integration: Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart infrastructure to enhance daily living. This includes smart healthcare systems, intelligent transportation networks, and digital governance.

Sustainable Development: Promoting sustainable practices to ensure that economic growth does not come at the expense of the environment. This includes renewable energy initiatives, sustainable tourism, and eco-friendly urban planning.

Inclusive Economy: Creating economic opportunities for all citizens by supporting local businesses, encouraging entrepreneurship, and providing access to education and skills training. This ensures that everyone can participate in and benefit from economic growth.

Quality of Life: Enhancing the overall quality of life through improved public services, accessible healthcare, affordable housing, and vibrant cultural and recreational activities.

Resilient Society: Building a resilient society capable of adapting to climate change, economic fluctuations, and global health crises. This involves robust disaster preparedness and a strong social safety net.

The Role of Citizens

Citizens are encouraged to engage in various aspects of community life, from participating in local decision-making processes to volunteering and supporting community projects. Education and awareness programs will equip citizens with the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively.


Curaçao 2030 envisions a future where technology serves humanity, fostering a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable society. By embracing the principles of Society 5.0 and harnessing the power of active citizenship, Curaçao is poised to become a model for other nations seeking to create a better, more human-centric future.

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