Knowledge Zone Curacao

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K-Zone is a regional knowledge center and a Centre of Excellence in the field of sustainable development of small developing states (SIDS) with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The K-Zone will use the obvious advantages of Curaçao. Geographically centred connecting Curaçao Dutch, English, Spanish and French Caribbean. Moreover, the intersection of the Curaçao, the Caribbean, Latin American, North American and European academic tradition. The K-Zone gives concrete shape to the North-South and South-South alliance in the spirit of UNESCO.
For the vision to materialize, the K-Zone cooperates with all knowledge-intensive sectors and institutions, particularly at the Jan Noorduynweg to Brionplein on one side and the airport on the other side, and in this way the K-zone (Knowledge Zone) is created.

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