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What is the K-Zone?
The K-Zone consists of one specific zone on the island, which may help to create synergy through external economies of scale. The clustering of companies and organizations that are part of knowledge-intensive and creative sectors can exchange information quickly and benefit from external economies of scale. For Curaçao, this implies that cooperation between firms can create synergy. Curaçao is a small island, so looking at geographical and transsectoral networks and innovations is important. Knowledge exchange is key in
trans-sectoral innovation, which makes cooperation important. The idea behind the Knowledge Zone is that knowledge exchange will be easier if businesses are clustered within one zone (, 2012; Goede et al., 2012). Forty-five companies, institutions, and organizations (both private and public) have joined the Knowlege Zone.

Thesis on the K-Zone:
"Both from theory and from practice, the K-Zone has the potential to uplift a small island developing state. However, more cooperation is needed to generate synergy. This can be made possible through making the K-Zone an official organization, with frequent meetings, a strategy, clear responsibilities for partnering organizations, and clear goals."


Miguel Goede's vision of Society 5.0 is a comprehensive and forward-thinking framework that emphasizes the integration of advanced technologies with human-centered values to create a "super-smart society." This concept, originally developed in Japan, focuses on solving social issues through the synergy of cyberspace and physical space, leveraging technologies like AI, robotics, and IoT to enhance quality of life.

Goede interprets Society 5.0 as an evolution of societal development stages, transitioning from the industrial-based Society 4.0 to a more interconnected and intelligent society. He stresses the importance of governance and sustainable development, particularly in the context of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). His approach highlights the need for strategic adaptation and the fostering of entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary learning to navigate and thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape​ (My Vxw Site Tvzago)​​ (Wikipedia)​​ (while True = innovate())​.

In Society 5.0, technological advancements are not just for economic gain but are harnessed to address fundamental human needs and societal challenges, ensuring that progress benefits everyone, not just a select few. This includes a focus on ethical considerations, sustainability, and the empowerment of individuals to contribute meaningfully to society. By doing so, Society 5.0 aims to create a balanced and inclusive future where technology serves humanity's best interests.

The University of Governance 5.0 is a virtual institute dedicated to studying and training governance practices for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to aid their transition towards more sustainable societies, known as Society 5.0. This initiative is driven by the goal of leveraging advanced technologies and innovative governance strategies to address the unique challenges faced by these regions.

Objectives and Functions
Education and Training: The University provides specialized programs aimed at equipping leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders in SIDS with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective governance in a rapidly changing world.
Sustainability Focus: Emphasizing sustainable development, the University’s curriculum integrates concepts from environmental science, technology, and social governance to foster resilient and adaptable communities.
Virtual Platform: Operating virtually allows the University to reach a broad audience across various islands, facilitating a collaborative and accessible learning environment.

Think Tank 5.0
The institute is also home to Think Tank 5.0, a research entity dedicated to exploring and developing innovative solutions for the governance challenges of SIDS. This think tank:

Conducts Research: Focuses on the intersection of governance, technology, and sustainability.
Policy Development: Works on creating practical policy recommendations to aid in the smooth transition to Society 5.0.
Collaboration: Engages with international experts and local stakeholders to ensure that the solutions are contextually relevant and effective.

Through its comprehensive approach to education, research, and policy development, the University of Governance 5.0 aims to empower SIDS to harness the benefits of advanced technologies while promoting sustainable and equitable growth.

University of Governance 5.0 - The official website provides detailed information on the institute's mission, programs, and Think Tank 5.0​ (My Vxw Site Tvzago)​.
Society 5.0 Concept - Overview of the Society 5.0 initiative and its implications for governance and technology​ (Wikipedia)​.
Innovative Governance - Discussion on the importance of governance innovation in achieving the goals of Society 5.0​ (while True = innovate())​.

Masterclass on Corporate Governance: Unveiling the Realities in Small Island Developing States – The Case of Curacao and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Date: First Thursday and Friday of September, 19 & 20 2024

Location: Curacao

About the Masterclass:

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face unique challenges in corporate governance, compounded by the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our masterclass addresses these challenges head-on, comprehensively exploring how AI is reshaping corporate governance in these regions, with a special focus on Curacao.

We're thrilled to announce Marilieke Engbers as our keynote speaker. With over two decades of experience as a consultant in leadership and change, Marilieke brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She defended her dissertation on "How the Unsaid Influences Strategic Decision-Making in Boards of Directors" on October 14, 2020, at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Marilieke's expertise extends to teaching strategy realization for the Vrije Universiteit's controller program and providing guidance to boards of directors and supervisory boards on various governance matters.

In December 2021, Marilieke co-authored the book "Amongst Directors: How the Unsaid Influences Decision-Making in the Boardroom," further elucidating the dynamics of decision-making within corporate governance.


What Sets Us Apart:

  • In the midst of a deluge of offerings for courses and masterclasses on corporate governance, one might quickly find themselves questioning their efficacy in addressing the mounting challenges of mismanagement within corporations. If you've attended numerous such programs over the years, you might have encountered a gap between theory and practice, leaving you skeptical about their real-world impact.

  • However, our upcoming masterclass stands apart with a unique approach that transcends mere theoretical and ethical frameworks. We delve deep into the pragmatic realities of corporate governance, offering insights derived from seasoned professionals who have navigated the turbulent waters of the corporate landscape and emerged fortified.

  • This masterclass will specifically address the unique challenges faced by SIDS, using Curacao as a focal point for discussion. Additionally, the impact of AI on corporate governance will be a key theme, exploring how AI can both challenge and enhance governance practices in these regions.

  • Join us for an in-depth exploration of corporate governance that bridges theory and practice, enriched by the perspectives of experts and tailored to the distinctive needs of SIDS in the evolving digital landscape.

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